Silent Morning 2014

As we all get back to a somewhat mundane post carnival existence -wondering what the hell just happened! …. Silent Morning team would like to thank everyone for being part of an EPIC 2014 carnival experience.  You chose to spend your carnival Friday morning with us bringing vibes and energy that were paramount to no other.   Thank you.


Our main goal is not only to enhance your Silent Morning experience but also be innovators and forward thinkers in this thing we call carnival.  This never comes without hiccups and minor setbacks. A lot of effort and planning went into 2014 Silent Morning so we were just as disappointed when we not able to deliver exactly what was planned. At the end of the day, the captains of the vessels have the last say based on tide and weather conditions and also what comes on and off the boat. A majority of patron has testified to tremendous experiences and will certainly be back next year. That being said we will continue to take your constructive feedback and make Silent Morning as fantastic as we can.


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