wet dreams 5

Join us as we embark on another unique Trinidad carnival experience. From the Co-creators of Silent Morning.  We bring to you…WET DREAMS. Carnival Saturday Morning. Wash away your inhibitions and enjoy an event designed for your pleasure to leave you wet!

Pack your cooler, make sure yuh nah over dress! Who have the energy to GO HARD?!

We have once again secured an attractive, intimate location to match the energy of WET DREAMS. Envision yourself with your friends at the exotic poolside, completely intoxicated by ultimate vibes and sweet Soca in the air – bubbling, wining and dancing while engulfed by the breathtaking sunrise over the scenic bay at West Palm Hotel in Chaguaramas.

We start pumping at 4 am in true Trini breakfast party style. Come out early and enjoy our complimentary DREAM juice to WET yuh throat.

There will be a fully stocked bar and food on sale for all our patrons’ needs.
We bringing the best DJs to keep you wining, you just have to bring the untimate JOUVERT COOLER FOAM POOL vibes!!

Adult + fun
Jouvert + foam
Shallow pool + free shots bar
Mermaids + wet men
Vibes + dancers
Slipping + sliding
Touching + tasting
Bikinis + board shorts
Slippers + sunglasses
Coolers + plastic bottles
friends + us = WET DREAMS …Carnival’s sexiest Jouvert party!

Early Bird: WET Men $50US / $300TT, ladies $40US / $250TT
Adv.: $60US / $360TT

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